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How to control Termites Phoenix?

control Termites PhoenixTermites date back more than 120 million years to the time of the dinosaurs. They are known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage – costs that aren’t covered by homeowners’ insurance policies.

*There are two types of homes in Arizona: those that have termites and those that will have termites.

Finding new chemicals to battle against these universal pests has been a long, expensive struggle, according to Paul Baker, entomologist at the University of Arizona, who has devoted his career to fighting termites.

It can cost up to $75 million to get a new termiticide registered with the federal government, he said. Another problem, homeowners generally want a product that kills termites for years, not months. *Quote from Azcentral

Phoenix Termite Exterminator

There are tons of Phoenix exterminator companies, they all seem to boast the same services and products. How do you the Phoenix Homeowner chose one? Some things to think about when looking for a Phoenix Termite Exterminator.

  1. COST. If the estimate seems cheap what corners are being cut? Most Phoenix Termite control companies pay the same cost for the termiticide which is being used to offer a cheaper cost usually means incorrect dosage, diluted mixture or application.
  2. WARRANTY. While everyone will have some kind of warranty consider carefully what the warranty covers and who backs the warranty. How long has the termite control company been in business will they be around when you have a problem?
  3. VESTED INTEREST. Is the company a franchise? Corporation? Or privately owned? In other words is it cookie cutter, one size fits all? Are you just a number? Or is the owners engaged and depend on their reputation and customer service to survive.

Mike’s Swat Team Pest and Termite control company is locally owned by Michelle Ledune, we have been eliminating Phoenix termites for over 32 years. Our mission is to exceed client expectations standing behind our quality and service commitment in an ethical, professional responsive and caring manner. Our Management Team frequently reviews our in field techniques for quality and consistency. We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and Arizona Multihousing Association.

We will be happy to provide any Phoenix homeowner with an estimate which will include a detailed plan for Phoenix termite control and warranty.


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