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Bed BugsIt wasn’t all that long ago when bed bugs didn’t seem to be anything more than the subject in an old saying our grandparents had said right before we went to bed. There is a misconception that bed bugs are only found in dirty surroundings; but they have been found in hotels, dorm rooms, homes, and even hospitals. A bed bug infestation can spread very quickly from place to place. Not only do they breed quickly, but recognizing a bed bug infestation isn’t an easy task.
It isn’t surprising that bed bugs are hard to spot. These pests are typically only 1 to 7 millimeters long. They are wingless, oval shaped, and a reddish-brown color. Some compare them to looking a bit like an apple seed with tiny legs.
The bed bug is different than other stinging or biting insects that people may encounter. When they creep up on their sleeping host, they go right to an exposed part of the body and begin to feed. Unlike if the bite is by a mosquito or flea and certainly a bee, the victim never feels a thing. It might be days before the host discovers a strange rash forming that could be itchy. This is often dismissed as something else entirely and it might go on for months before the homeowner discovers what the real culprit is.
The staff here at Mike’s Swat Team Pest & Termite Control are well acquainted with bed bugs. Highly trained technicians are available to inspect anything from homes, multi-floor apartment houses, to commercial properties to find the source of the bed bug infestation. Our team can eliminate the infestation. If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation give us a call today.
Need More Facts:
• Bed bug eggs can be up to 1-1/2 mm long.
• Bed bug bites can be really itchy and nasty at times.
• Infestations are not related to unsanitary living conditions.
• But remember to detect the bed bug symptoms as early as possible.
• Some bed bug bites are in groups of 2 or three (a pattern known as “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”), or in a line, or in a circle.
• While some bed bug bites occur singly, bed bugs may travel while feeding, so bites often occur in characteristic clumps or rows.


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