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How to control pests?

How to control pestsThere are several things Phoenix homeowners can do to control pests in there homes. Pests are annoying and destructive, keeping insects, rodents and other pests away from your home or office is essential to living a comfortable and care free lifestyle. Rodents and insects have the ability to burrow, gnaw and chew through drywall, wood and other materials that are used to build your home and office. The structural integrity can be easily damaged by rodents and pests who are hiding within the walls.
Here are a few things homeowners can do to control pests in their home:

  1. First identify your pest, while treatment methods may be similar for several pests it helps to focus on the predominant pest in your home. Here are some common household pests. 
  2. Water: Insects and rodents need water to live too. Remove any standing water!
    • Check for leaking pipes which can create water puddles.
    • Don’t leave your pet’s water out overnight
    • Keep your home as dry as possible, kitchen, bathroom and plants are common water sources.
  3. Food: Pests need food, different types of pests are attracted to different food to survive, for example Ripe fruit will attract Fruit flies, grains breed Mealy Moths, Crumbs attract Cockroaches and Flies.
    • Keep kitchen clean at all times
    • Clean spills with household cleaner, wiping with water is not enough
    • Store food in sealed glass or plastic containers
    • Ripe fruit should be kept in refrigerator
    • Pet food should be kept in a sealed container also. Do not leave pet bowls with food overnight.
    • Remove trash daily, clean trash container and use a sealed container.
  4. Maintain a clutter free home. Pests need places to hide.
    • Remove as much as you can off the floor, keep your kitchen simple and functional.
    • Vacuum frequently, be sure to use a crevice tool for under cabinets, wall trim and appliances.
    • Store infrequently used clothing and linens in sealed plastic boxes or bags
    • Remove stacks of newspaper, magazines or cardboard these create great hiding places and food for pests.
  5. Block access to your home: Pests can fit through the tiniest crack, they frequently enter your home through unsealed windows and doors, cracks in walls and baseboards.
    • Seal cracks, crevices or gaps in baseboards, moldings, cupboards, ducts, electrical outlets, around pipes and toilets using a silicone caulk available at most hardware stores.
    • Check screens for damage, holes etc and patch or replace as necessary.
    • Check windows and doors for weather-stripping repair or replace as necessary.
    • Walk around the outside walls of your home, check for vegetation, and other debris against your wall. You should maintain at least 18 inches of free space from your outer wall.

If your home is already infested with pests your best solution is calling in a professional pest control company. Mike’s Swat Team pest and termite control has been helping Phoenix residents for over 32 years. We are family owned and operated, licensed, bonded, and insured. At Mike’s Swat Team we dedicate ourselves to giving you affordable and customized pest control service for all your residential and commercial properties.

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